Art & Poetry – Supporting the Arts at Patchwork Central



An additional fundraiser – Tower art by Billy Hedel

Proceeds from the sale of the following works will support the ongoing work of Patchwork Central.  Please make checks payable to Patchwork Central. Thank you for your support.

Celebrate! (acrylic on canvas, framed, $ 1200) was painted in 2012 to commemorate Evansville’s bicentennial. The painting has traveled extensively around town as a pictorial ambassador, uploaded to several websites, and was selected by the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana as the image for the 2013 Mayor’s Art Awards.  Look very closely and you will find the Tower.

Tower of the Old Washington Avenue Temple (pen & ink drawing, framed,$  175) was one of eleven drawings commissioned for The Washington Avenue Historic District: A Walking Tour and Primer of Fine Architecture in Evansville (2011), published the same year the Tower restoration project was in its early stages. The brochure – funded by Indiana Landmarks, Indiana Humanities, and the National Endowment for the Humanities – made its public debut in 2012, the year Patchwork Central received the only Historic Preservation Award bestowed by Evansville’s Preservation Alliance. Since publication, more than 3000 copies have been distributed. Please take your complimentary copy as a memento of this evening.

Tower of the Old Washington Avenue Temple was reproduced by Aztec Printing in an edition of nine prints. They are printed on acid-free paper and framed. The black & white print is $ 60. The other two are hand-finished, one in watercolor and the other in pencil. They are $ 75 each.

Note cards are $ 2 each and postcards are $ 1 apiece.



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