First Friday at Haynie’s Corner is tonight, August 7th

Please join us at Billy Hedel’s Gallery (916 SE Sixth, 812/303-4722) tonight from 6 to 9 pm.  We will be one of more than a dozen venues participating in the First Friday at Haynie’s Corner art crawl.  Our gallery show features Billy’s recent work, including a new batch of small paintings.  All will be offered at discounted prices for this one evening.

Billy’s art also will be exhibited at Patchwork Central (100 Washington).  This body of work is the original pen & ink drawings Billy created for The Washington Avenue Historic District: A Walking Tour and Architectural Primer of Fine Architecture Patchwork will be giving visitors a free copy of this publication.

The Beauty Room (inside Soap Solutions at 44 Washington) is featuring one of Billy’s portraits.  Have some fun an snap a pick of yourself and this famous actress in the Selfie Spot.

More than a dozen locations in the Arts District will be open tonight with new art, performances, food, music and libations.  Come see us and pick up to your map.  All events are free.

The Alhambra Theater, 1913 by Billy Hedel (2012)Washington Avenue Temple, 1904 by Billy Hedel


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