Big Art Sale Tomorrow

A Shout Out! From Billy Hedel’s Studio – October 16, 2015

Please stop by and visit Fall YART tomorrow, Saturday, October 16, 2015 from 10 am to 4 pm. The location is the 22 Jefferson Studios in the Haynie’s Corner Art District. This yard sale of original fine art from multiple artists is an Evansville institution where you can snag great deals from both established and emerging local artists. Nothing costs more than $ 50.

In addition to Billy’s popular little paintings of Evansville’s landmarks and nature pictures, he will be selling prints, drawings, and some 3-D work. For those of you who would like to own a piece of ‘art history,’ we’re offering pastel portraits of hurricane survivors Billy made during Katrina and its aftermath. If you like to color, we’re selling off the final inventory of limited-run black & white prints which you can leave as-is or embellish with pencil or watercolor. Another category is a series of life-drawings made of local models and these are priced at just $ 1! They make unique greeting cards or stocking stuffers.

Please remember to pick up your complimentary copy of The Washington Avenue Historic District and take a tour of the Arts District neighborhoods after shopping at YART. Billy illustrated this walking tour and architectural primer of fine architecture in Evansville.

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