Saints for the New World Order


These are two of the 3-d mixed media ‘hanging sculptures’ you’ll find in Billy Hedel’s “A New World Order” exhibition on display at the Bokeh Lounge in Haynie’s Corner, which runs through April.  Drop by this Saturday from 10 am – 4 pm for the spring edition of Funk in the City and visit with the artist.  Billy will supplement the new work in the show with a studio clearance sale of other recent work, including landscapes and urbanscapes in acrylic and oils, and probably some drawings and odd prints.  Just come on out and see. Special mark-downs of 10% or more just for the day!

St. Roch shrine by Billy Hedel 2016

And before you visit Funk on Saturday, drop by Patchwork Central at Washington and SE Sixth street from 7:30 to 11:30 am for pancakes, apples, sausage and more.  This is one of PC’s major annual fundraisers and a good time always.  While you’re there look up at the highest point in The Meetinghouse and you’ll see Billy Hedel’s ‘A New Universe’ mobile. At 5 feet long it was a tad too big for the show at the Bokeh, so we left it in place at Patchwork, where it is on permanent display.

A New Universe by BIlly Hedel (wire & metal mobile, 3x5x2', $ 350, 2016)




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