Art Delivery & Pizza Pick-up

Billy Hedel with his pizza from Harmes Una Pizza (2017)

Billy picking up a pizza after making an art delivery.

The first time he passed the former gas station at Kentucky and Washington Avenues in Evansville, Billy was intrigued with the old white-glazed brick building.  Built in the early 20th century, we’ve found photos of the site during the 1937 Flood, and it was swamped.  The venerable little commercial structure which once was a Conoco/Sinclair station (remember the latter’s green dinosaur logo?) has been home to a pizza joint since 1972 and Harmes Una Pizza since 1980.  It’s Billy’s favorite go-to pizza house and it’s close to home.

Through the years we became friendly with Pops (Wayne) Harmes and Billy painted a small portrait of the business that has proudly hung over the menu board for years.  Recently, Big Daddy (Michael) Harmes took over the family business, and wanted his own picture.  This time around, Billy made a story painting, including Pops’ famous red truck and the little green car Michael used back in ’72 when he delivered pizzas for the previous owner.

Billy has frequently made portraits of commercial structures in the area, such as the old Swanson-Nunn Electric Company, Craddock Finishing, Lamasco’s, the Bokeh Lounge, the Tin Man Brewing Company and the old Kissel’s Fine Foods store (most recently Aztec Printing) – just to name a few.

Contact us at the studio to discuss your own painting ( or at 812/303-4722).

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