Another installment of The New World Order at The Open Gallery

‘The New World Order: 1/20/2017’ by Billy Hedel continues at The Open Gallery (329 Main, Vincennes IN 812/881-6475) through the end of the month.  Here is another installment.

WH Dress Code: Red Ladies in Hats & Pearls/2-faced (mixed media, 26x20x10″, $ 295, 2017) was conceived and executed when the White House instituted a dress code for female employees that required them to look ‘lady-like’ and women around the country took to the streets in protest.  Russia, of course, loomed large over everything.  In the show, this piece stands on a turntable so viewers can turn the piece to see both ladies, each wearing a dainty hat and pearls.  Their eyes – and their lips – are ‘buttoned up’.

Tweetstorm! (mixed media, 26x32x9″, $ 295, 2017) ‘speaks for itself.’


Tweetstorm! and Red Ladies by Billy Hedel 2017

From The New World Order: 1/20/2017 by Billy Hedel. ‘Tweetstorm!’ (L) and WH Dress Code: Red Ladies … (R). Mixed -media ($ 295 each)

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