UN International Day of Peace

Together for Peace – Respect, Safety, and Dignity for All – 2017 theme .

'My Tree of Life' (left) & 'The Sorrow Tree' by Billy Hedel

‘My Tree of Life’ (left) & ‘The Sorrow Tree’ by Billy Hedel

These companion pieces are currently on display at The Open Gallery in Vincennes through September as part of The New World Order exhibit.  My Tree of Life was created specifically for the Arts Council of SW IN show Tree of Life: Celebrating Peace, Compassion, Consideration, Cooperation, Respect this spring.   It was a hopeful note in the midst of Billy’s The New World Order series.  Bursting out of its background and frame, this is a strong tree, made of metal, ravaged and stripped, perhaps, but still standing.

The Tree of Sorrow was originally intended to be a willow tree done in the same mode as its mate, but soon fiery colors and ghostly figures emerged from a molten swamp and Billy had to let this piece take its own course.  It is reminiscent of other his works, such as Dome of Chaos from his 2005-06 Hurricane Katrina series.

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