A Salute to Small Business Saturday & Haynie’s Drug Store

George Haynie established his legendary drug store in 1887 at the corner of Second, Parret and Adams, a corner that would eventually bear his name and from which the Haynie’s Corner Arts District draws its name.  After Haynie retired in 1928, a drug store operated from this building until it was destroyed by fire in 1944.   Today the site is a temporary green space awaiting redevelopment.

Haynie's Drug Store, c. 1920 by Billy Hedel 9-27-2017 9-11-43 AM 2587x1814

Haynie’s Drug Store, circa 1920 by Billy Hedel (acrylic on canvas, 40×30″, 2017, $ 775)

This picture – Haynie’s Drug Store, circa 1920 (acrylic on canvas, 40×30”, 2017 $ 775) – is one of Billy Hedel’s story paintings and is his imagining of the store in its heyday.  The scene shows two of his own dogs, the owner’s wife on the second floor balcony, a strutting goose, and many other whimsical details, all incorporated into a funky, colorful yet accurate architectural portrait of one of Evansville’s lost landmarks.   Billy used historic photos from local archives and conversations with descendants as reference material.    George Haynie, a civic leader on many fronts, was known as the Mayor of Goosetown.  Today you can learn more about this local, colorful history by reading and looking at the historic marker at the fountain.

We salute small business owners like George Haynie, who was so much more than that.  So this Saturday, November 25 (and every day, for that matter) we encourage you to shop small, shop local.

With thanks,

Billy Hedel’s Studio

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