Vintage Bus Rally at the Greyhound Station

Last night we cruised through the vintage bus rally organized by the Bus Boys Collection that’s being held at the historic Greyhound Station in downtown Evansville this weekend.   The event concludes with a bus parade on Sunday.

Here is one of Billy’s many renditions of the iconic bus station, done after last year’s race and the restoration of the station and its re-opening as Bru Burger Bar.  Called “In the Pink: The Greyhound Station Restored,” the 16×20″ acrylic on canvas painting ($100) depicts the distinctive blue-tiled building against a pink background.  It is one of the pictures included in Billy’s upcoming ‘Town & Country’ show at Vincennes’ Open Gallery next month.


In the Pink – The Greyhound Station Restored by Billy Hedel  (acrylic on canvas, 16×12″, $ 100, 2016)

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UN International Day of Peace

Together for Peace – Respect, Safety, and Dignity for All – 2017 theme .

'My Tree of Life' (left) & 'The Sorrow Tree' by Billy Hedel

‘My Tree of Life’ (left) & ‘The Sorrow Tree’ by Billy Hedel

These companion pieces are currently on display at The Open Gallery in Vincennes through September as part of The New World Order exhibit.  My Tree of Life was created specifically for the Arts Council of SW IN show Tree of Life: Celebrating Peace, Compassion, Consideration, Cooperation, Respect this spring.   It was a hopeful note in the midst of Billy’s The New World Order series.  Bursting out of its background and frame, this is a strong tree, made of metal, ravaged and stripped, perhaps, but still standing.

The Tree of Sorrow was originally intended to be a willow tree done in the same mode as its mate, but soon fiery colors and ghostly figures emerged from a molten swamp and Billy had to let this piece take its own course.  It is reminiscent of other his works, such as Dome of Chaos from his 2005-06 Hurricane Katrina series.

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We’ve added a new page

If you look under the headline photo at the top of this site, you will see a series of pages you can click on for more detailed information about the studio.  We just added a new page, which is the Commentary written for Billy’s current show at The Open Gallery in Vincennes.  If you can’t make it north to see The New World Order: 1/20/2017 you’ll have another chance when the show moves to the Arts Council Of Southwestern Indiana in Evansville in mid-October.

Details of Saints for the New World OrderSt. Jeanne d’Arc  on the left and St. Expedite on the right.


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Another installment of The New World Order at The Open Gallery

‘The New World Order: 1/20/2017’ by Billy Hedel continues at The Open Gallery (329 Main, Vincennes IN 812/881-6475) through the end of the month.  Here is another installment.

WH Dress Code: Red Ladies in Hats & Pearls/2-faced (mixed media, 26x20x10″, $ 295, 2017) was conceived and executed when the White House instituted a dress code for female employees that required them to look ‘lady-like’ and women around the country took to the streets in protest.  Russia, of course, loomed large over everything.  In the show, this piece stands on a turntable so viewers can turn the piece to see both ladies, each wearing a dainty hat and pearls.  Their eyes – and their lips – are ‘buttoned up’.

Tweetstorm! (mixed media, 26x32x9″, $ 295, 2017) ‘speaks for itself.’


Tweetstorm! and Red Ladies by Billy Hedel 2017

From The New World Order: 1/20/2017 by Billy Hedel. ‘Tweetstorm!’ (L) and WH Dress Code: Red Ladies … (R). Mixed -media ($ 295 each)

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Another first prize for Billy

A week ago this evening Billy was preparing for the opening of his new show in Vincennes at The Open Gallery.   What he didn’t know was that he also was awarded the first prize for a painting at the annual Northwest Territory Art Guild Members’ Show.   Billy received the award for his ‘story painting’ of the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Coliseum in downtown Evansville.  He depicts the Neo-classical style building, which is still in active use and celebrating its centennial year, on an evening when one of the many special events is taking place (wrestling? roller derby? a concert?) at the venerable structure, which is thronged with people.

A Night at the Coliseum by Billy Hedel 2016  (acrylic on canvas, 10x30", $ 250)

A Night at the Coliseum by Billy Hedel 2016 (acrylic on canvas, 10×30″, $ 250)

This is Billy’s second first place prize this year, the other being from the Art Noir exhibit at the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana for his mixed-media piece “A Man of the New World Order: 1-20-2017,” which is part of his current show at The Open Gallery.


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The Immigrant in the New World Order

Billy was prompted to make ‘The Immigrant in the New World Order’ earlier this year after seeing multiple, powerful images of immigrants in the various media.  This mixed media piece (measuring 14 x 24”, $ 295) can be hung from the wall or used as a table-top sculpture.

Hung from the wall, ‘Immigrant’ evokes and commemorates a Mass and Holy Communion a priest conducted at one of the border fences on the US-Mexican border a few months ago.  Video and still photographs showed a long row of outstretched arms with upturned hands reaching through the fence as the priest went down the row.

At around the same time, several photos documenting residents of Aleppo and other war-ravaged cities were published.  Billy realized the first part of these soon-to-be refugees to emerge were their arms rising from the bombed-out rubble.  So he made the piece to be displayed either way in order to represent different aspects of the immigrant journey.

In Billy’s current show at The Open Gallery (329 Main Street, Vincennes IN 812/881-6475), ‘The Immigrant’ has been paired with ‘An Offering Bowl for the New World Order” (papier mache, 15 x 6”, $325) to symbolize the sacrifices American immigrants make to live in this country and the contributions they make to our society, culture and economy.

An Offering Bowl for the New World Order by Billy Hedel 2017 1-23-2017 2-23-26 PM 1769x1776

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Some views of ‘The New World Order’ at The Open Gallery

The New World Order: 1-20-2017 opens Friday, September 1 at The Open Gallery in Vincennes.  An opening reception for artist Billy Hedel takes place from 5 to 8 pm (EDT).

Billy has additional work at The Northwest Territory Art Guild, across the street from The Open Gallery.  The Guild will be open during the same time, as will Art Space Vincennes and the Shircliff Gallery at Vincennes University.  We are excited to be part of another art community, one we have enjoyed exploring during the past year.  We hope you have a chance to see this new body of work and explore Vincennes and its vibrant downtown.

The Open Gallery - TNWO exhibit by Billy Hedel - v1 8-27-2017 1-50-26 PM 2592x1944 Continue reading

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