Painting Price Guide & Commission Information

Billy Hedel’s Studio – Painting Price Guide 2016

This price guide is for acrylic on canvas paintings, regular profile (depth of canvas) which is ¾”, gallery-wrapped (sides of canvas are painted), wired and ready to hang.  Pictures can be framed or not.  A museum profile canvas (1.5” depth) would be on the higher end of these ranges.   We purchase well-constructed, quality canvasses from Blick Art Materials, usually on sale, the savings which we pass on to our clients.

Commissions for multiple pictures and from repeat clients receive a courtesy discount.

In addition to size, the subject matter, style, complexity of the image, and amount of research (such as site studies) necessary to complete the project are factors that guide commission prices.

We will consult with you about your idea and help you decide the right size and price for your picture.


12 x 12” and smaller are usually $ 75 to $ 50

12 x 16” range are usually $ 100 – $ 200

20 x 20” range are usually $ 200 – $ 300

22 x 28” range are usually $ 300 – $ 400

36 X 24” range are usually $ 400 – 500

40 x 30” and larger are usually $ 500 and up


Thank you for your interest and feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.


Tom Loesch, studio manager

Billy Hedel’s Studio

916 SE Sixth Street, EVV IN 47713