The Immigrant in the New World Order

Billy was prompted to make ‘The Immigrant in the New World Order’ earlier this year after seeing multiple, powerful images of immigrants in the various media.  This mixed media piece (measuring 14 x 24”, $ 295) can be hung from the wall or used as a table-top sculpture.

Hung from the wall, ‘Immigrant’ evokes and commemorates a Mass and Holy Communion a priest conducted at one of the border fences on the US-Mexican border a few months ago.  Video and still photographs showed a long row of outstretched arms with upturned hands reaching through the fence as the priest went down the row.

At around the same time, several photos documenting residents of Aleppo and other war-ravaged cities were published.  Billy realized the first part of these soon-to-be refugees to emerge were their arms rising from the bombed-out rubble.  So he made the piece to be displayed either way in order to represent different aspects of the immigrant journey.

In Billy’s current show at The Open Gallery (329 Main Street, Vincennes IN 812/881-6475), ‘The Immigrant’ has been paired with ‘An Offering Bowl for the New World Order” (papier mache, 15 x 6”, $325) to symbolize the sacrifices American immigrants make to live in this country and the contributions they make to our society, culture and economy.

An Offering Bowl for the New World Order by Billy Hedel 2017 1-23-2017 2-23-26 PM 1769x1776

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